Letter to a CIO — Understanding your dilemma and how to move forward. Part 3

Freedom from the Trap of Silos through a Network of Projects

Seeing the system

Allowing the solution of the Network of Projects to emerge

Variation and the network

Variation and intelligent emotions

Coping with the change

  • The role of the “boss” is replaced by the concept of subordination to the constraint;
  • The traditional “functions”, the hierarchical organization designed by “silos”, are not present;
  • Project Managers play a crucial role in the correct functioning of the system, even more than managers responsible for the processes;
  • The way performances of people and processes are assessed is totally overturned (no local goals);
  • The very common prevalent logic “I win you lose” is no more in place;
  • Variation is monitored and managed instead of the common habit of “aiming at the target, keeping the process on target”.

Thinking Processes for Change

  • What to change
  • What to change to
  • How to make the change happen

RECAP: Building and implementing the cycle of transformation

Your choice



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Giuliano Liguori

Giuliano Liguori

Giuliano Liguori is a technologist, an influencer in the digital transformation and artificial intelligence space. glweb.eu