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We all have heard of DevOps and the transformation it has brought to application delivery in enterprises. However, there is another equally powerful emerging capability, ModelOps, which can give the organization of the so-called Enterprise AI a competitive advantage too.


Today, artificial intelligence applications are widespread and perceptible even in everyday life. Consider, for example, the ability of a car to brake automatically or not to exit the lane during a curve or, also, to the health sector, where the AI is able to monitor and report anomalous trends as…

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As countries around the world return to various forms of lockdown, decent internet access at home has once again become a necessity. The infrastructure to sustain it though is still lacking.

When the pandemic first hit, the last thing on many people’s minds will have been the resilience of our broadband networks and the impact on the digital divide in our societies. But it’s a challenge that has become all too obvious in the past six or seven months, as service…

Is model operationalization really necessary? Every single day, companies spend millions of dollars on data scientists, software engineers and AI applications. Most of these companies have no strategy for making the most of their investment. They don’t know how to leverage their technology investment for maximum impact on revenue or profits.

Cool Applications Of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a hotter topic today than ever. From self-driving cars to personal assistants, AI is slowly making its way into our daily lives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that studies the possibility of thinking computers and machines.

What’s more, it’s no longer a theory…

Artificial Intelligence Technology | By Just_Super

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are expressing incredible potential in various application fields; however, very few companies engaged in a 4.0 transition path can successfully implement these technologies in business processes. What needs to be done to make such applications profitable?

Why is AI Important?

Artificial Intelligence represents a set of studies and techniques, typical of information technology but with significant philosophical and social implications, which has as its purpose the realization of programs and technological systems capable of solving problems and carrying out tasks normally attributable to the mind and human capabilities. …

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AI is fast becoming critical to business and IT applications and operations.

Organizations have been investing in artificial intelligence capabilities for years to stay competitive, are hiring the best data scientist teams and are investing more and more in artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. However, implementing AI / ML models is not easy and the risk of failure is just around…

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Giuliano Liguori is a technologist, an influencer in the digital transformation and artificial intelligence space.

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